Is Vitamin D Deficiency, Making You Feel Sick And Tired All The Time?

Colds and Flus are signs of vitamin d deficiencyVitamin D deficiency is increasingly growing in the USA and throughout the world. Many of us need way more vitamin D then we think. It’s startling how many health issues have a low vitamin D element related.

Discover how by correcting your vitamin D deficiency, you can improve your mood swings, increase your energy, suffer less sickness and pain. Increasing D  levels may prevent common ailments and diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, back pain, heart disease and so much more.

What Is Vitamin D and Why Is Vitamin D So Important For Good Health?

Vitamin D or calcitriol which is the prescription form of vitamin D.This is a unique hormone which helps us build muscle and protects  our brain cells from inflammation and injury. Our main source of vitamin D is made in our bodies from skin exposed to sunlight. Another vital role vitamin D plays is to control the amount of phosphate and calcium in our bodies.

Other vitamin D benefits include slowing down cell growth which can reduce the risk of certain cancers by about 50%. It is also good for reducing blood pressure, controlling glucose levels and fertility. We also need vitamin D to help us fight off infections and boost the strength of vaccines. Low vitamin D levels greatly increase our chances of autoimmune diseases by as much as 300%.

Deficiency of vitamin D can lead to serious damage called rickets in children, were new bone does not harden and tends to bend. There is also bone and joint pain as well as abnormal growth. In adults a condition called osteomalacia develops which causes fatigue, joint pain, swelling, weakness and a partiality to fractures.

Are You At Risk Of Vitamin D Deficiency?

We could all do with taking extra vitamin D as approx. 85% of US citizens have low vitamin D levels and this is also a global problem. Most of us don’t know if we are deficient and the simplest way to do this is to have a blood test done with your physician or do it yourself in the form of a home test kit. Certain groups however are more likely to show signs of vitamin d deficiency which include:

Infants and young children– Low vitamin D in diets and low exposure to the sun makes their deficiency greater.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women– Stored vitamin D gets used up quickly and if mum to be has low levels, this can affect the baby in terms of bone and teeth growth, weight of baby and other deformities.

Dark skin people are at a greater risk of vit D deficiency because they have more melanin. ie substance that gives skin and hair its color. The melanin in their skin blocks out approx. 90% of UV light and acts as a sunscreen. Hence they need about seven times as much sunlight as fairer skin people.

The elderly– Tend to have thinner skin and so are unable to produce as much vitamin D plus they are more likely to stay indoors or use sun protection. These factors put them on a high risk of low vitamin D levels unless supplementation is used.

Obesity – Vitamin D is stored in fatty tissues. In obese people the large storage content areas avoid it from moving into the bloodstream.

Vitamin D deficiency is common amongst vegetarians, vegans or people of non-fish eating diets. People who have kidney, liver, Crohns, Coeliac diseases will also tend to be suffering deficiency of vitamin D.

Do You Have Symptoms Of  Vitamin D Deficiency? What To Look Out For?

Most of us are not aware of the symptoms because they are so general such as aches, pains, tiredness etc. If you suffer any of the symptoms and/or diseases listed below, then there may be hope because all of these health problems and many more are related to vitamin D deficiency. They can be helped by increasing your vitamin D levels.


• Joint pain, Chronic pain, swelling etc

• Muscle pain,cramps,weakness

• High blood pressure

• Lack of concentration, poor memory

• Migraines

• Constipation,diarrhea

• Bladder problems

• Restless sleep

• Fatigue

• Uncontrolled weight gain


• Diabetes

• Obesity

• Depression, also SAD(seasonal affective disorder)

• Heart Disease

• Cancer

• Autoimmune diseases eg lupus,erythematosis, multiple sclerosis

• Arthritis also Osteoarthritis,gout,tendinitis

• Fibromyalgia

• Parkinson’s disease

• Alzheimer’s disease

• Tooth loss, gum disease

Food, Sun and Vitamin D

The main sources of vitamin D are from food, sun and vitamin D supplementation. Vitamin D foods include oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, salmon, and herring. Other foods high in vitamin D are eggs, mushrooms, fortified cereals and powdered milk.

Most people are mistaken and they think they get acceptable doses of vitamin d from casual sun exposure and or diet. Sadly this is not true. People living in today’s urban lifestyle hardly get enough sun exposure to meet their daily needs. Urbanization, technology and culture have drawn us indoors and out of the sunshine over the past 20-30 years.

Also the further you live away from the equator the less exposure you have to UVB rays, lowering your chances to produce vitamin D, especially during winter months. On the opposite side overexposure to the sun can have a damaging effect on your health from sunstroke, sunburns and even skin cancers.

In our opinion, the best and most convenient way to boost your vitamin D deficiency, is to take a  liquid vitamin d. This is an extremely potent way to top up your vitamin D levels if you can’t get sufficient sunlight or are anxious about sun exposure. Cholecalciferol or Vitamin D3 is the best type of supplement you could take to improve your vitamin d deficiency.

The Best Liquid Vitamin D Supplement To Help Cure Your Vitamin D Deficiency.

Best Vitamin DThe daily allowances of vitamin d varies between different organisations but the RDA(Recommended Dietary Allowances) for D3 cholecalciferol is 600-800 IU (International Units). This is way to low and many specialists would recommend an ideal amount you need to take is  between 1000 -5000 IUs of liquid vitamin d3 per day. This will be subject to your vitamin d levels.

Optimal Vitamin D  was developed by Dr Ben and is extremely pure and potent liquid vitamin d3 supplement. Made from the base of pure olive oil and vitamin d3 only. Just one drop of this liquid vitamin d provides  2000IU making this one of the BEST  products on the market.

Optimal vitamin D  is virtually tasteless so it is easier to take then capsules or tablets, especially good for younger children. This liquid vitamin d supplement will give you more energy,  nourish your bones, boost your immune system and improve your overall health.

How To Take  Optimal Vitamin D3

Please click here to listen to Dr Ben on how to take liquid  vitamin d3.

What Are The Customers Saying.

Optimal Liquid Vitamin D

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The Advantages of  Optimal Vitamin D include:

  • Extremely potent, JUST one drop= 2000 IU
  • No Preservatives, additives, colours, flavouring and is not diluted.
  • Made from pure olive oil + vitamin d3, nothing else.
  • Liquid form so highly absorable as tablets has to be broken down by your stomach.
  • No side effects
  • Packed in a brown glass bottle  preventing oxidization
  • Affordable and safe for ALL the family.

Vitamin D deficiency needs to be addressed seriously as the symptoms can lead to more critical diseases at a later stage which cannot be reversed.

You Must Act Now Before It’s To Late.

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