How to Increase Vitamin D safely?

How To Increase Vitamin D Apart From The SunIt is not unusual these days to find people who have been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency.How to increase vitamin D apart from the sun is essential for people who live in countries were they cannot get much sunshine.

Until recently, this was a fairly rare problem because most of us would get more than our fair share of vitamin D simply from exposure to the sun.

But now, that most of us avoid being in the sun or at the very least, wear a great deal of sunscreen protection.Learning how to increase vitamin D is actually a pretty important thing for your overall health and well -being. 

Should You Take A Multivitamin?

Most doctors recommend that adults and children alike take a multivitamin on a daily basis, if only to top up their vitamin intake. Few of us eat a diet that is free from chemicals and additives, nor do we eat a diet that contains nutrients that are really needed for a healthy life. Even though vitamin D is stored within your body and not flushed out like vitamin C, it is still possible to become truly deficient in this vitamin. 

Is A Multivitamin Enough? 

One of the reasons why a multivitamin that contains 100 percent of your daily vitamin D may not be enough is because not everyone’s body absorbs vitamin D in the same manner. Especially if you are dealing with other health conditions, it could be that your body is not absorbing this vitamin in a way that makes it readily available to your organs. For this reason alone, many experts suggest taking a high quality vitamin D supplement in addition to your normal mult-vitamin. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency And How To Increase Vitamin D? 

Vitamin D Deficiency And DepressionVitamin D deficiency is often detected after many misdiagnoses. The truth is that most doctors do not believe that a vitamin deficiency could cause problems within the human body such as depression, fatigue, and pain.

Therefore, they start looking at other issues and only when they do a blood test do they see that a person is substantially low in vitamin D. 

The real problem why a person is low in vitamin D could be because of their inability to absorb the sun’s rays. If you are not getting your vitamin D from the sun, then the use of a nutritional supplement will help you. Knowing how to increase vitamin D at a steady rate through supplementation will gradually improve your overall health. 

Generally, the most common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency that people complain about are overwhelming fatigue, such as what is often seen with chronic fatigue syndrome. Also such issues as joint pain, allergies, asthma, and even the onset of diabetes. 

Is Being Out In The Sun Worth It? 

Recent research has shown that perhaps we have all gone a little too far in preventing our children from sun exposure. Yes, there are issues with regards to the sun as it pertains to skin cancer and aging of the skin. Similarly the potential downside of not getting enough vitamin D can actually cause a variety of allergy and asthma issues in children. So, sensible sun exposure is usually the best idea for children and adults alike. As long as you are able to refrain from getting sunburned, you should be fine. 

Should You Take A Nutritional Supplement? 

If you are looking at a vitamin D supplement, then it is important to choose one that does not contain too much vitamin D. As it is possible to overdose on vitamin D or realize a form of vitamin D toxicity. Therefore, learning how to increase vitamin D slowly and naturally through the use of a nutritional supplement is generally a good idea and should help you to reverse some of your existing symptoms.


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