Vitamin D Deficiency Depression And How To Cure It?


DepressionWith the state of economic affairs and a growing population, vitamin d deficiency depression is increasingly common all over the world.

The word “depression” is used quiet loosely in conversations when we are feeling down or moody. But for people suffering with real depression this is a difficult condition to deal with. 

Symptoms including sadness, loss of interest, lack of concentration or severe form of depression may lead to suicidal thoughts. Researchers have recently identified vitamin d deficiency depression to be connected. 

The Important Research On Vitamin D Deficiency Depression 

Vitamin d deficiency depression was identified by a recent study conducted by Canadian researchers who performed tests on approx. 30,000 participants. The findings revealed that there was a direct interaction with low vitamin d levels and depression. 

Another research done and published in Springer shows a similar connection between depression and vitamin d. As this is a complicated area for research more studies need to be done to confirm whether there is a direct correlation between vitamin d deficiency and depression.

 Study Shows Vitamin D3 and Omega-3 Helps Fight Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Apart from vitamin d deficiency linked to depression, emerging evidence also shows Vitamin d3 may help with alzheimer's diseasevitamin d deficiency was found in people with Alzheimer’s disease. 

A published study done by UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) shows how vitamin d3 and fatty acids called Omega-3 may be the answer to help the immune system control inflammation and get rid of certain plaques. These plaques block the space between brain cells in people who have Alzheimer’s disease.  

Omega-3 fats are a good source of nutrients for brain function, regulating your mood, mental health, fighting anxiety and depression. More health practitioners are switching from fish oil, which was the traditional source of omega-3 fatty acids to Krill oil. 

You see Krill oil also contains Omega-3 fats but the advantage it has over fish oil is three fold: 

  1. Krill oil is absorbed approx. 15% more than fish oil so it works even better.
  2. Krill oil contains a super powerful antioxidant called “ Astaxanthin” which  prevents     the fats from going bad. Most of the fish oils sold have gone bad before you even open  the bottle as they don’t contain astaxanthin.
  3.  Many people “burp up” the fish oil taste and dislike taking it.


Depression can seriously affect your mental health and anyone suffering from this condition should consult a doctor in the first instance. Testing for vitamin d deficiency depression can be performed by doing a simple blood test. A study at the University of Macssachusetts discovered that taking approx. 1000IU of vitamin D3 regularly lowered the risk of depression by as much as 31%. 

Vitamin D3 can also be found in certain foods such as Salmon,Tuna,Cheese, fortified milk etc. The other way of course is spending more time outside in the sun to increase your levels and improve your mood.









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