What Are the Vitamin D Side Effects?

Most of us take our vitamin intake for granted. If you are taking a daily multivitamin, then you probably assume that you are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. However, there is more involvement in getting nutrition, than simply taking a pill. Your body needs to properly absorb the nutrients. The one nutrient that is not often absorbed by the body, is vitamin D. When you don’t get enough, vitamin D side effects can begin to appear. 

Do You Cover Yourself From The Sun? 

sunscreen_outline_clip_art_18725[1]This is the only vitamin that our body uses that is not necessarily obtained in a nutritional form. The majority of the vitamin D that the average person gets is the direct result of exposure to the sun’s rays. As a result, people who live in areas of the world where there is little sun for parts of the year, or those who cover themselves in clothing from head to toe may not get enough vitamin D. This further increases their chances of getting vitamin d side effects. 

If you are limiting yourself to sun exposure, then vitamin D side effects such as fatigue, chronic pain, depression, and other issues, will be noticeable. You may not be aware, that you are preventing yourself from getting vitamin D, simply by using so much SPF in your lotions and creams. Sunscreen has been proven to substantially reduce the amount of vitamin D absorbed by the average body. 

Why Aren’t You Getting Enough Vitamin D? 

In addition to the use of sunscreen and lack of sun exposure, many people eat a diet that does not include natural vitamin D on a regular basis. This is further complicated by the fact that there are other health issues that can prevent absorption of vitamin D, such as Crohn’s disease. Even if you do have substantial exposure to the sun, you could have an underlying health condition that is preventing your body from processing the vitamin D properly and allowing your body to absorb it. 

What Are Vitamin D Side Effects?

Allergies- One of many vitamin d side effectsVitamin D deficiency is becoming a much more serious problem. Especially among children who are covered from head to toe in sunscreen. As a result, there are now more children with asthma and allergies than ever before. The risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes has also been linked to various forms of vitamin D deficiency. 

The primary side effects of not getting enough vitamin D are that you will feel tired and fatigued.  You may also start to experience additional vitamin D side effects such as pain, depression, and various food allergies. This is very common in children and adults alike. It can be quickly reversed, with proper vitamin D dosage, taken over an extended period of time. 

Where Can You Get A High Quality Vitamin D Supplement? 

One important thing to remember is that vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. Which means that you cannot just take massive amounts of it and expect to recover from a deficiency? Vitamin D is stored in your liver and therefore you do have to be careful about how much you take. The recommended dosage for vitamin D is 800 IU, but you will find some supplements that contain as much as 10,000 IU per dosage. This is a potentially dangerous amount of vitamin D to take and could result in vitamin D toxicity. 

From growing research and many physicians will agree that 800IU per day is not enough and a safer limit is somewhere between 1000-5000IU per day.

One of the most recommended vitamin D supplements on the market today is Optimal Liquid Vitamin D. This provides the necessary dose of vitamin D in a safe formula that contains no additives, colorings, or artificial ingredients.

Its extremely potent, virtually tasteless and easier to absorb because its in liquid form.There are many satisfied customers who rate this supplement as one of the best vitamin d. If you are looking to reverse some of the vitamin D side effects that you are experiencing, then this supplement may be able to help you.


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